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For Support of PMU Horses.
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October 2007
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Kym Lambert...or Saigh [userpic]
A couple of foal questions

You'd think I never raised a foal before, but the truth is that this is the first foal I've gotten since I was an adult and therefore responsible for it myself and, well, things have changed in the past 20 years. I don't remember anything such as the "complete feeds" you find today for instance. So please bear with me.

Okay, I'm figuring I will feed something along the lines of Agway's Superior Mare & Foal to start, along with grass hay. Should I consider additional supplements? The hay quality is good, but as it's local and I don't know how often they lime and such it's probably rather low in calcium. I know our pasture is and we're not able to get it limed this fall....s/he may be on pasture for a bit during the fall.

Is there a light color that won't keep horses awake or disrupt their winter coat growth? I'm totally pathetic here. I work nights and will be taking the week s/he comes home off, so I'll want to go check on her/him during the night. I'd rather not suddenly turn on the light or flash a flash light on the poor, likely exhausted from the trip, thing. If there were a color of light that if dim enough wouldn't bother her/him that would be awesome.

Of course, if anyone lives in Northern NH or VT and wants to volunteer cheap trailering, I've run into problems finding a hauler..... *crickets* Yeah, I didn't figure anyone could help with that. ~;)

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