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For Support of PMU Horses.
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October 2007
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Kym Lambert...or Saigh [userpic]
Morning greetings and you know you want one or to at least help

This morning (well, that would be yesterday morning now) when I went out to take care of Saorsa she answered my "good morning" with her own little baby girl whinny. This is the first time she's called out to me. ~:)

I checked their website and Spring Hill Horse Rescue has photos of the 25 or more PMU foals still available (actually, NOT just the ones available, so be warned...my girl is in there apparently with the same little paint she was in the stall with so it might have been that morning...and with the mini mule aaaawwwww!).

You KNOW you want one. Of course, if you don't live close enough to VT, I bet there is a rescue near you which has gotten some sponsored foals in. And if you can't get one, well, you can help by donating to their care until they are adopted. Yes, I'm shameless.
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