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pmu_rescue's Journal

For Support of PMU Horses.
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This is a community for owners of PMU horses, those who support pmu rescuing, and horse and animal lovers in general. The goal of this community is not only to raise awareness of the plight of these animals but also support the US registery of PMUs, foundations of registeries in other countries, and a place for PMU owners to share stories and antecdotes.

The animals you see in this communities user pics are of my three PMU rescue horses- Leroi, Delilah, and Elroy. Each are a success story in their own right and each is a treasure in their own special way. I hope to meet other owners of these extraordinary animals and those who also want to save them.

The Drug Compnay's Website

Rescue Websites
United Pegasus-a rescue program that not only rescues PMU mares and faosl but also ex-racehorses. My family has been helping this foundation for years.

Springhill Rescue

PMU Foal Acquisition Network

What Else can I do?

If you are unable to actually adopt a PMU horse there are several other ways to help:

*Write your congressmen to not support premarin production or allow legislature to pass that allows for these (or any) horses to be treated cruelly.

*Raise Public awareness: Hand out flyers at your local feed store or horse shows.

*Donate to charities that help PMU horses: Even $5 is enough for a flymask or bandages!