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For Support of PMU Horses.
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Kym Lambert...or Saigh [userpic]

This morning (well, that would be yesterday morning now) when I went out to take care of Saorsa she answered my "good morning" with her own little baby girl whinny. This is the first time she's called out to me. ~:)

I checked their website and Spring Hill Horse Rescue has photos of the 25 or more PMU foals still available (actually, NOT just the ones available, so be warned...my girl is in there apparently with the same little paint she was in the stall with so it might have been that morning...and with the mini mule aaaawwwww!).

You KNOW you want one. Of course, if you don't live close enough to VT, I bet there is a rescue near you which has gotten some sponsored foals in. And if you can't get one, well, you can help by donating to their care until they are adopted. Yes, I'm shameless.
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Kym Lambert...or Saigh [userpic]

To spare those not interested...well, okay to also spare me the effort of going back and copying it all when I've been awake for nearly 30 hours...if anyone wants to see photos of our PMU filly who came home today you can go to my journal. http://saigh-allaidh.livejournal.com/284011.html *falls over*

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Kym Lambert...or Saigh [userpic]

You'd think I never raised a foal before, but the truth is that this is the first foal I've gotten since I was an adult and therefore responsible for it myself and, well, things have changed in the past 20 years. I don't remember anything such as the "complete feeds" you find today for instance. So please bear with me.

Okay, I'm figuring I will feed something along the lines of Agway's Superior Mare & Foal to start, along with grass hay. Should I consider additional supplements? The hay quality is good, but as it's local and I don't know how often they lime and such it's probably rather low in calcium. I know our pasture is and we're not able to get it limed this fall....s/he may be on pasture for a bit during the fall.

Is there a light color that won't keep horses awake or disrupt their winter coat growth? I'm totally pathetic here. I work nights and will be taking the week s/he comes home off, so I'll want to go check on her/him during the night. I'd rather not suddenly turn on the light or flash a flash light on the poor, likely exhausted from the trip, thing. If there were a color of light that if dim enough wouldn't bother her/him that would be awesome.

Of course, if anyone lives in Northern NH or VT and wants to volunteer cheap trailering, I've run into problems finding a hauler..... *crickets* Yeah, I didn't figure anyone could help with that. ~;)

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Kym Lambert...or Saigh [userpic]

Horse, of course.

We just got our letter letting us know that we've been approved to adopt a PMU foal from Spring Hill Rescue. S/he'll arrive the second or third week of October.

Hi, I joined awhile ago but this is the first time I've posted here. I lost my beloved elderly rescue, Saoradh (in icon), this past March. I can't live without a horse for long, but I'm not ready for another adult horse to suddenly appear in Saoradh's pasture. As I've been concerned about PMU since I first became aware of it (and wrote this: http://www.cyberpict.net/horses/pmu.htm as part of my horse section of my website before I even got to have a horse again...there were 8 years with no horses in my life, that's how I know I can't do that again) getting a baby was the obvious choice.

I had found Saoradh on my birthday, starving in a field, and purchased him the next day which I later found, through the freeze mark on his neck, was HIS birthday! So I sent the application on the weekend of those days this year. I feel strongly that there is a continuation going on.

Anyway, I'm blathering on. As I've been waiting since the end of April to hear if I was accepted, I'm rather beside myself. I still miss Saoradh and always will, but feel that I am honoring him by saving another horse. And I'm very excited to be bringing this new life to our home soon.

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aka skewed_tartan [userpic]

Here's a link to a ready to print flyer for PMU foal acquisition from the FANI wesbite. Click here!

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